Grandview Trail #130

Grandview Trail #130 is a grade 3 trail with one loop for a total of 1.3 miles (2746 steps).

The Grand View Trail at Lincoln National Forest is a beautifully scenic path constructed along portions of the abandoned Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railroad grade. There are three colorful interpretive panels provided by New Mexico Rails-to-Trails Association.  500 Fresnal Canyon Rd, Otero County, NM 88310

Attractions: A covered ramada with a bench .53 miles into the hike and offers spectacular panoramic views of White Sands, the Tularosa Basin and the San Andres Mountains., Horseback Riding, High Rolls General Store nearby

Nearby intersection: Trailhead available just off FR162C

Public Transportation: None

Public Facilities: None

Parking: Limited, off road parking is available at the northern trailhead.

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