Grandview Trail #130


The Grand View Trail at Lincoln National Forest is a beautifully scenic path constructed along portions of the abandoned Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railroad grade. There are three colorful interpretive panels provided by New Mexico Rails-to-Trails Association. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Grandview Trail #130 is a grade 3 [?] trail with one loop for a total of 1.3 miles (2746 steps).


  • A covered ramada with a bench .53 miles into the hike and offers spectacular panoramic views of White Sands, the Tularosa Basin and the San Andres Mountains.
  • Horseback Riding
  • High Rolls General Store nearby

More details

Nearby intersection

Trailhead available just off FR162C

Public Transportation:


Public Facilities:



Limited, off road parking is available at the northern trailhead.

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