Elena Gallegos Cottonwood Springs Trail


The Elena Gallegos Cottonwood Springs Trail is an ADA-accessible trail located in the foothills of the Sandia mountains at the Elena Gallegos Open Space Park. Visitors can enjoy many activities below the backdrop of the Sandia Mountains. The 640-acre park is a gem in the Open Space system. The Cottonwood Springs Trail provides great nature viewing at the wetland nature blind. If you wish to venture further, there are many additional trails available. There is an entrance fee to access trail. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Elena Gallegos Cottonwood Springs Trail is a grade 1 [?] trail with one loop for a total of 0.5 miles (1056 steps).


  • Benches and shade
  • Nature, wetlands viewing area
  • Shaded rest stops with interpretive artwork

More details

Nearby intersection

Sims Park Road & Tramway Blvd. NE

Public Transportation:


Public Facilities:

Restrooms, water fountain


On site; limited parking during weekends and events

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