Outfall Channel Loop West


The Outfall Channel Loop is a day multi use path which runs through City of Las Cruces with interconnections throughout. Route for the Loop could begin at the Triviz Trail by Kohl’s then head west towards the Rio Grande River. It passes through neighborhoods of Elks Drive, Downtown, Alameda & Mayfield, and Picacho Hills area. The Outfall Channel Loop is approximately 4.25 miles one way. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Outfall Channel Loop West is a grade 3 [?] trail with one loop for a total of 4.25 miles (8976 steps).


  • Intersects with multiple other trails

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Nearby intersection

Picacho Avenue and Rio Grande River

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At La Llorona Park with a 0.5 mile walk North to West End Trail head

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