Tingley Beach


Tingley Beach is on the Rio Grande, near downtown Albuquerque, next to the BIOPark – Zoo and Aquarium and offers fishing, hiking, model boat sailing, wildlife viewing and walking trails around three ponds. For more information on events, call 505-248-8514. Visit the city's Weekly Fishing Report for information on fishing. Log In or Register to favorite trails and keep track of your walks!

About this trail

Tingley Beach is a grade 1 [?] trail with 3 loops for a total of 0.93 miles (1964 steps).

North Loop

This loop is 0.16 miles for a total of 338 steps.

Central Pond and Children's Pond

This loop is 0.17 miles for a total of 359 steps.

Large Central and South Ponds Connect

This loop is 0.6 miles for a total of 1267 steps.


  • paddle boat rentals
  • Model boat sailing
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing - Train station sells bait
  • Seasonal gift shop, snack bar, and cafe

More details

Nearby intersection

Central Ave. & Tingley Dr. SW

Public Transportation:

ABQ Ride Stops: #66, Rapid Ride

Public Facilities:

Restrooms, bike racks


ADA accessible, ample parking on site

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